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With mainstream providers you will surely find benefit in preparing for exams. However, you may also find yourself wasting time in sessions unfortunately, which then also questions the value for money.

For example, the 4 day revisions sessions: more than 60% of your time will be spent on you, sitting quietly in exam-style conditions, answering a question from the Question Bank. But you could have done this at home yourself right?

This is where we come in. We have taken all the feedback generated from our private students over the years to provide you with engaging and tutor-led revision days that will provide greater impact and have you feeling way more confident. Promise! Your ‘investment’ with us of time and money will be well received! 😊 😎

We will thoroughly analyse and work through past paper questions which is KEY to your exam success. Some students pass just by simply doing this. And on the other hand, a lack of this means poor application of knowledge and time issues. 😟

Our MASTERCLASS will allow you to constantly achieve your desired results, and all sessions will allow for general Q&A and open discussions!

See what sessions are available below and register your spot NOW!