Welcome to our website and I hope we can be of some benefit. As well as tutoring for Professional Qualifications, I am also Director of ASWATAX, a specialist tax advisory firm and you can consider my work here of teaching students as a β€˜branch’ of that.Β 

My real life experience is exclusive to students as my approach to exams naturally adapt. Rather than having an instructor explain a bunch of concepts and theories to you, I can relate back to experience. This fundamentally allows you to retain the knowledge better, apply your understanding better to question contexts and prepares you for scenarios faced in the real world.Β 

My passion for tax and accountancy is unrivalled hence why I take time out to tutor students to ensure they attain the ultimate PASS. I have been teaching on a private basis for 9 years.

My sessions and 1-1s are becoming increasingly popular due to student satisfaction and recommendation! 😎

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My teaching style is dynamic, engaging and interactive. This is very important especially in this ONLINE age. I myself study online and know how easy it can be to lose concentration and focus. Here, we try to counter that.

Also, my technical knowledge and real-life experience is a massive advantage for my students as I am simply not teaching to get through it, I am allowing you to understand and realize the practice aspect.

Feel free browsing our website. We have regular sessions that pop up so get started when you can. 😊

And once you start following us and knowing our style, you will soon come to realise that I like giving away too; hence the regular giveaways and discounts… LOL! Along with you appreciating knowledge as an ‘investment’, I like to make easier from my side as and when! 😎

Again, I hope I can bring some benefit and wish you utmost success in your studies and career and more importantly, in your well-being, happiness and life in general!


Don’t be a hero and try attaining 80% and above. If the pass mark is 50%, aim for 65% and everyone is happy! πŸ˜† 🌻

I know too well being a culprit myself that we tend to leave studying till the last minute! At times, this may mean you need to sacrifice some marks or a small topic from the content and focus on the broader topics of the exam. #straight