technical knowledge

My real practice experience allows me to teach you the all-rounded aspects of your studies, rather than just 'getting through the content'.
This enhances your technical capabilities and retains your understanding!

Intensive sessions

We have regular sessions that pop up so get started when you can. Rather than attending lectures whereby you are literally sitting there 'listening to information', our approach helps you get through the 'nitty gritty' and we promise you will leave feeling WAY MORE CONFIDENT!

engaging and interactive

My teaching style is dynamic, engaging and interactive. This is very important especially in this ONLINE age.
The most efficient learning comes from application and past paper practice. This is where the 'engaging' happens. No getting away with it!

Why us?

You can get a better understanding as to why we are becoming increasingly popular amongst students from all backgrounds, primarily due to student satisfaction and of course, results! 

All our sessions will ensure your contribution even if you do not want to! This enhances focus and concentration, effectively enhancing your learning, sky-rocketing your technical knowledge and ultimately, ensuring you get that PASS!

Nobody wants to sit there for six hours listening to someone explaining something with the sole intention of just ‘getting through the content’. Nor do we want to pay hefty fees for doing things like exam question practice individually when we could have done the very same at home. Right?

Our sessions will certainly provide real value on your ‘investment’.

about Founder

Omar Aswat CTA ATT

Welcome to our website and I hope we can be of some benefit. As well as being an experienced instructor, I am also Director of ASWATAX, a specialist tax advisory firm and you can consider my work here of teaching students as a ‘branch’ of that, not PE! LOL #ifyouknowyouknow #tax

My passion for tax is unrivalled hence why I take time out to tutor students to ensure they attain the ultimate PASS. I have been teaching on a private basis for 9 years.

My intensive, masterclass sessions and 1-1s are becoming increasingly popular due to student satisfaction and I take pride in this!

We provide specialist Accountancy and Tax tuition and revision sessions for all Professional Qualifications, not limited to, but including:


With mainstream providers you will surely find benefit in preparing for exams. However, you will also find yourself wasting time in sessions which then questions the value for money.

For example, the 4 day revisions sessions most of the big boys arrange: more than 60% of your time will be spent on you, sitting quietly in exam-style conditions, answering a question from the Question Bank. But you could have done this at home right?

We have been there; done that and therefore, used our expertise and resources to bring to you our INTENSIVE and ENGAGING sessions, taking a different approach. Our methods are tried and tested and you can also check out our ‘Student Testimonials’ to hear from our students themselves. 🙂

our students review